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Private Work, Custom & Bike Repairs

Here at Ballantyne’s we can make any dream or idea happen. From custom metal and fibreglass work to creating your own colour.

We have invested in our equipment to hold a high quality standard in the industry. This includes fabricating new repair panels, fixing bent foot pegs on motorbikes and modifying cars, caravans or trucks.

With private repairs we can also take care of any rust, accident damage if you do not have insurance to make a claim, or general tidying up your vehicle with scratches, paint fade or trolley dents.

Bike repairs can be private or an insurance claim. We take pride in restoring, repairing or customising your bike to who you are and what you want it to be.

We have completed custom work on cars, horse floats, planes, motorbikes and more. There is no limit to what we will do.

Frequently Asked Questions

We do offer courtesy cars. We have a fleet of 5 seaters, 7 seaters and a tradie van. All of our vehicles are automatic, except for the van. There is a one off fee of $50+ and requires a restricted or full licence driver.

This fee covers insurance while it is in your possession and general upkeep of our fleet. All of our courtesy vehicles are owned solely by the business. Without this fee we would be unable to provide courtesy cars for any of our customers.

Anyone that is going to drive the vehicle must supply their driver’s licence number and agree to the T&Cs.

Only the names of drivers are covered by our insurance. Our insurance covers both restricted and full licences, although the excess varies.

Full licence is $750 and restricted licence is $1250.

In the unfortunate circumstance where we need to make a claim this will be required to be paid before collection of your vehicle. If we are able to fix the damage ourselves cheaper than the excess, you will be liable to pay for costs involved.

We do offer a lifetime warranty on our work. Whether that is insurance, custom or private. This warranty includes the products we use and the workmanship.

Our warranty does not include any sublet work or parts. We are unable to supply a warranty for work/parts supplied by third parties. For example, mechanical, wheel alignments, parts supplied to us, etc. If you do have a problem with any of these please contact us and we will try to help rectify this.

Our warranty also does not include general wear and tear.

If you are unsure whether the work is under warranty please give us a call or come onsite to discuss further.

We offer private quotes for any work that doesn’t have an insurance claim.

We charge $50 inc to look over the vehicle, load it in our system, price parts or sublet as required and write the quote up. This fee comes off the final payment if you decide to go ahead.

We are able to repair minor rust to structural jobs. We will happily guide you in the right direction to get your desired outcome.

We will write the quote up and send it to you for authority.

Once we have your authority we will book you in. We must receive a 20% deposit to confirm your booking and start the work. If we are required to purchase parts, this will need to be paid upfront on top of the 20% deposit.

The rest will need to be paid on pick up.

All of our quotes are based on what we have been able to assess at the time. Because of the nature of rust, in some cases there is more than what we originally quoted this will show on your quote as (report) meaning we report back to you with the updated cost for unseen repairs.

In this case we will let you know and tell you the new price, once we have agreed to go ahead again we will continue the job. If you decide that you no longer want to go ahead you will only be charged for the work we have already completed. If parts/sublet/materials have been bought for your job
and we are unable to return or use them for another job you will be liable to pay for those as well.

We do recommend preparing yourself for this increase if needed. Unfortunately this is out of our control and we cannot accurately quote on a job where we do not know the full extent.

Unfortunately at this time we are not able to do this. Talk to us about your budget and we can discuss what we can help you with.

We have a network of local businesses that we worked with religiously. Some of these include the below. We are more than happy to recommend the business that will suit your request best.

If there is something you are wanting done and it is not listed below, please ask and we can discuss with you.

We offer a range of sublet work.

● Mechanical
● Decals and graphics
● Wheel alignments and tyres
● Locksmith
● Air con re-gas
● Auto electrical
● Suspension
● Windscreen replacements

You have the right to select your repairer and we will happily look after you through your claim with us.

We have a process to follow and will guide you through it. When your vehicle is towed to us, we make contact that it is on our premises. We ask for you to come in, collect your personal belongings, hand over your keys and go around your vehicle pointing out new and existing damage to submit to the insurance company.

Once your vehicle is towed onsite we will let you know.

If your vehicle is attempted theft we are able to do the assessment once it arrives. If there is any important information we should know beforehand please let us know.

Yes, we can and often encourage this as it all gets done at once.

We as the repairer do not have any authority over your claim or vehicle. We cannot release any prices or information regarding your claim. Once this is sent off to the insurance you are welcome to ask them for any information which they will be able to provide for you.

We unfortunately cannot dictate the outcome of your vehicle when a claim is made. Here are some things to ask your insurance.

Will my car be a total loss?

How much is my quote?

Will I be getting brand new parts?

Why was this not done on my car?

Why is my claim pending?

Why is my claim not authorised?

These are questions we generally cannot give you the answer to ask only if your insurance has control of these.

There are two steps of your claim being eligible, firstly being approved by the insurance which means they have all the information they need for us to quote the vehicle. They then process the quote we give them which leads to the second part, the authority. This is giving us the go ahead to order parts and complete repairs on your vehicle.

If your claim is pending this means your insurance is still waiting for some information from either you or a third party. Some common reasons are waiting on police reports, fingerprints, or other general information regarding.

If this is the case please contact your insurance and find out if you need to do anything to speed this process up.

If your vehicle is deemed a total loss your insurance will contact you. We ask that you call us on 09 838 8581 and organise to collect any personal belongings before it is towed away.

We collect your excess on behalf of your insurance company, this is due on completion of your repairs. We have no authority over your excess. If you don’t not think you should be paying an excess you must contact your insurance and have it waived before you pick your car up.

Unfortunately if your excess still stands by the time your car is finished you will have to pay it for the vehicle to be released. You can then go back to your insurance after to get a reimbursement if you wish.

Yes, we can give a separate quote for additional private work, to be paid on collection.

We have an extensive amount of equipment to complete any repairs required on your vehicle. We have a 3D measurer, hoists, commercial paint booths, onsite mixing room, and much more.

We have qualified panel beaters, painters and apprentices of each.

We do offer custom paint colours, we love working with customers through this process. We have a tinting room with coloured chips to help inspire you.

If you have any other questions please come into the workshop, email or give us a call.